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The ITFF workshop on Digitalization was presented at the opening of the Rome Film Festival.

The Rome Film Fest kicked off with a brilliant presentation: a workshop organized by ITFF, titled "Digitalization of Cultural and Cinematic Heritage: Art for Europe". This highly topical event was held at the Spazio Lazio Terra di Cinema of the Lazio Region.

Following an introduction by the Artistic Director of ITFF, Antonio Flamini, about the festival's exponential growth in recent years, President Piero Pacchiarotti inaugurated the workshop, handing over the floor to the speakers: Transmedia Director-Producer and Creative Producer of ITFF, Gioia Perpetua, and Francesco Sapio, Founder of Red Hog Studio.

Both provided insights into the use of new technologies in relation to the objectives of the UNESCO 2030 agenda, enriching their discourse with illustrative images that captivated the audience. An exciting process of digitalizing artistic and cultural heritage is underway, led by Gioia Perpetua, who is currently spearheading a case study in Basilicata.

Simultaneously, the producer is solidifying a promising partnership with Central Asia. Helene Haug, Director and Co-Founder of the Eurasian Film Market, attended the Award Ceremony of the International Tour Film Festival, further cementing this collaboration.

All of this transpired in the presence and collaboration with the President of the Foundation for the United Nations SDG, Maurizio Aronica, on the memorable day of October 8th at the Teatro Verdi in Civitavecchia.

The workshop will soon be available on-demand on the Youtube Channel of the Lazio Region.

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