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The International Tour Film Festival 2023 begins from October 4th to 11th in Civitavecchia!

The 12th edition of the International Tour Film Festival is kicking off, taking place from October 4th to 8th. The 10th and 11th of October will be dedicated to side events, spreading throughout the city in various locations: Cinema Royal, Teatro Verdi Fondazione Ca.Ri.Civ., Hotel de La Ville, Hotel San Giorgio, Sala Conferenze Biblioteca Comunale A. Cialdi, IIS Stendhal, and Associazione Archeologica Centumcellae, all in Civitavecchia.

An international festival, featuring short films, medium-length films, and feature films in competition, divided into five sections: Animation, Fiction, Feature Films, Tourism, and Documentaries.

But it's not just screenings of the competing and non-competing works, this year's festival is also enriched by a diverse daily program, including workshops, meetings dedicated to young people and students, exhibitions, book presentations, and discussions.

The festival is under the precise direction of President Piero Pacchiarotti and Artistic Director Antonio Flamini, with actress and web star Jenny De Nucci as this year's godmother.

The opening night will begin at 8:00 PM with the customary Red Carpet, followed by 2 short films and the festival's opening film, "PRIMA DI ANDARE VIA" (Before Leaving), directed by Massimo Cappelli. In attendance will be director Massimo Cappelli, producer Massimiliano Leone, director of photography Claudio Zamarion, actors Pino Quartullo and Marina Suma, as well as the two protagonists Riccardo Maria Manera and Jenny De Nucci.

During that event, the first awards will be presented:

ITFF Career Award 2023 to Enzo Salvi; ITFF Special Award 2023 to Blackorange, Roberto Ciufoli, Massimo Cappelli, Marina Suma, Riccardo Maria Manera, and producer Massimiliano Leone.

The closing night on October 8th, on the other hand, will see the Award Ceremony for the festival's winners in the presence of godmother Jenny De Nucci, guests, and authorities.

The following awards will be presented: ITFF Special Award to godmother Jenny De Nucci; ITFF TV Excellence Award to Milena Miconi; ITFF Italian Cult Movie Award 2023 to Pippo Franco; ITFF Special Award 2023 to Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Emanuele Macone, Angelo Antonucci, and Hèlène Haug (Member of Netpac Eurasia Film Market); ITFF Italian Excellence to Simone Facchini and Gioia Abballa, Argentine tango world champions, Damiano Lestingi, Olympic athlete, and Gian Andrea Squadrilli, founder of Italy Food Porn. Presented by Alina Person and Simone Gallo.

October 10th will be dedicated to the opening of the photographic exhibition "VIAGGIO NELLA MEMORIA" (Journey into Memory) by Tiziana Giuliani and Daniela Sisti, at Hotel San Giorgio.

On October 11th, also at Hotel San Giorgio, the book presentation "VIAGGIO NELLA MEMORIA. Laboratorio teatrale con Dacia Maraini" (Journey into Memory. Theatrical Workshop with Dacia Maraini) by Marina Marucci and Gabriella Ramoni will take place, with the famous writer in attendance. Readings by the association "Le Voci".

The International Tour Film Festival is sponsored by: MIC, Regione Lazio, Roma Lazio Film Commission, Fondazione Ca.Ri.Civ. Civitavecchia, Enel, Cinetour, Italia Nostra, Apidge, Luca Papa coach, Tourist Italia, and Multisala Royal.

Media Partner Rai Radio 3.

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