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Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Event information

2 days 16 hours

Lecturer: Perpetua Gioia

Based between Rome and London, her multi-purpose experience in the audiovisual world (TV, Corporate, Commercial, Music Video and Cinema), led her in 2020 to fill the role of Director and Executive Producer at the film production company Orange Media Group, specializing in the development of international co-productions; in 2022 he undertakes the role of Creative and Development Producer for the film production company Waterclock Production; in 2023 she became President Personal Assistant and Project Coordinator for the Foundation For United Nations (FFUN), based in Ukraine.

For further information and curiosities, you can visit his Creative Portfolio 2023

Description of the Workshop:

Duration: 16 hours

Days: 4/5/6/7 October

Location: Hotel De La Ville, Civitavecchia

Cost: 100 Euros

The Creative Hub presents through the dual point of view of the Director / Producer, a multi-approach introduction to the audiovisual world, between theory and practice, in order to analyze and experiment together the various stages of making a work-product, from the process creative at delivery.

Open to all skill levels, from beginner to intermediate, the workshop is designed for those who wish to explore and develop a deep understanding of the various roles and possibilities that contemporary industry offers to today's and tomorrow's professionals.

At the end of the Hub, the most deserving participants will receive an internship offer in the direction and production departments, with recognition of a professional credit, in order to guarantee a further learning and growth experience of a technical-artistic nature.

Please bring a computer or tablet, mobile phone and headphones.

Contents of the Creative Hub:

  1. Role of the Director/Producer: We will discover how these figures are at the same time free thinkers, communicators, patrons, artists and leaders, skillfully combining different skills to bring forward a unique and innovative vision.

  2. Types of Direction and Different Production Approaches: We will explore the different types of direction and production, from the television, corporate/commercial, up to the possibilities of experimentation in the cinematographic field.

  3. Director/Producer relationship with all Departments in different fields and circumstances: We will examine how this hybrid figure collaborates with different departments in pre-production and production, to create a coherent work.

  4. Soundscape Analysis (Lynch): We will explore David Lynch's approach to analysis and musical accompaniment for storytelling, creating a connection between music and images.

  5. Script and Mood/Board: We will learn the fundamentals of developing a script board with visual references linked to a script, together with a mood board to combine authorial and creative vision.

  6. From Creative Brainstorming to the Realization of a Storytelling Concept: Guided in the creative process, we will face the challenge of transforming an idea into a visual story through a three-shot video.

Objectives of the Creative Hub:

  1. Stimulate free expression and critical thinking, in the conscious and conscious understanding of the role of the Director and Producer, with the related attitudes and skills in image communication;

  2. Educating in the creative process, identifying the message, developing concepts and genres, narrative and stylistic choices through moodboards and briefings;

  3. To train professionals with a systemic vision, able to relate to all the professional figures in the audiovisual sector, both from a creative point of view and from a production point of view, in order to have awareness and mastery of one's ideas from concept to delivery;

  4. Providing notions, documents and professional experience in order to transform "visionaries" into people capable of transforming, with emotional intelligence and specific technical skills, ideas into stratified products of artistic-commercial value through the fundamentals of direction and production.

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