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The first ITFF 2024 recognition was at the Capitoline Hill in Rome.

Rome: The 2nd edition of the "Golden Antenna for TV" award, conceived and introduced by Fabrizio Pacifici, took place at the Protomoteca Hall of the Capitoline Hill, in the presence of the Capitol Assembly President, Hon. Svetlana Celli, and Secretary Hon. Fabrizio Santori. During the event, the ITFF President awarded actress Sara Ricci with a prize for her significant contributions to the film and TV industry. Other awardees included Claudio Lippi, Marino Bartoletti, Rosanna Lambertucci, and a memorial prize for Massimo Morante's family.

And the complete list of guests includes: Hon. Mirco Carloni, President of the Agriculture Commission, Angelica Amodei, Nicola Timpone, Silvia Squizzato, Mary Colapietro, Maria Luisa Anele, Antonella Salvucci, Deneb Antuoni, Piero Pacchiarotti, Andrea Menichelli, Giampiero Canterini, Fabio Giovannelli, Emanuela Fancelli, Alessandro Benardinelli, Raffaela Anastasio, Andreea Duma, Maryam Vizi, Antonio Flamini, and Mauro Atturo.

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