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ITFF: from Spoleto to Catania for a new conference on the environment.

Thursday 8 June 2023, from 16.00 to 19.00 at the Botanical Garden of Catania, in via Antonino Longo 19, APIDGE and ITALIA NOSTRA give you an appointment to present the 12th edition of the INTERNATIONAL TOUR FILM FESTIVAL whose section dedicated to Students and the Constitution will focus on the knowledge and application of Article 9 of the Italian Constitution.

75 years after its approval, the document on which our Republic is founded, in 2022, underwent an important restyling action.

In a particularly suggestive context from an environmental point of view, the meaning of these changes will be explored, with the aim of developing and making young students grow, through the use of audiovisuals, awareness of the importance of active participation , the protection, conservation and enhancement of the landscape and the environment.

A commitment that also benefits future generations on which today's mistakes inevitably fall. A mission that must also involve the world of communication and the media.

For the occasion, the prestigious ITFF Sicily Award will be presented to personalities who have shown attention over time in promoting initiatives in favor of culture and the environment.

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