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Four local associations, Spazioliberoblog, Blue in the Face, Book Faces, International Tour Film Festival, together with the Cassa di Risparmio di Civitavecchia Foundation, have decided to embark on a "memory operation," as Fabrizio Barbaranelli, one of the promoters, defined it. "Remembering..." this is the title of the annual award they wanted to establish, dedicating it each time to a different character. "A figure from Civitavecchia who has played a role or has distinguished themselves, within their field, nationally," Barbaranelli added. "We start from the post-war period, with Giovanni Insolera and Claudio Galiani tasked with compiling a registry of these figures, consulting with local scholars, to create small biographies available to the city."They start with Silverio Blasi, an actor, screenwriter, among the first directors in the history of Italian television: in thirty years of activity, he has signed over 200 works for Rai, working with the greats of those years, such as Giulietta Masina and Federico Fellini. Yet, despite this curriculum, there is no trace of Blasi in the city. That's why, in addition to the award, the four associations also appeal to the municipal administration, to succeed in dedicating a street, a square, or another place to the director.THE AWARD There are no age limits, and citizens residing in neighboring municipalities can participate. A video of maximum 12 minutes must be presented in which the subject must write and recite a text of their choice. Entries must be submitted by June 30 with the award ceremony taking place on September 26. There are three prizes, of a thousand, 400, and 200 euros.COMMENTS "As a Foundation, we immediately supported this project," explained president Gabriella Sarracco, echoed by vice president Valentino Carluccio, "convinced of the importance of remembering and preserving our past, to be handed down to future generations." "A new challenge," added Enrico Maria Falconi of Blue in The face, "we will be faced with the discovery of new dramaturgies, it will be very interesting. And the Gassman confirms itself as a place of culture and innovation." "An important award," emphasized Piero Pacchiarotti of the Itff, "which sees the aggregation of multiple associations: a way to grow together. We have many characters to discover." (From: La Provincia di Civitavecchia)

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