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Apidge and ITFF, along with the conference organized on April 12 and 13, 2024, by Italia Nostra at the headquarters in Pescara on the Social Value of Landscape.

At the Falcone e Borsellino Library in Pescara, the conference "The landscape and the challenge of change. Educating for beauty" was held, a significant meeting organized by Italia Nostra and dedicated to reflecting on the concept and role of Landscape. Indeed, a context that - as Ezio Sina, president of Apidge, emphasizes - is often considered merely as a series of natural or architectural elements, but which actually encompasses a specific social value of fundamental importance, also guaranteed constitutionally (Article 9).

The event, which saw the participation of experts and scholars, as well as attentive citizens interested and concerned about the safeguarding of an authentic treasure abundant in our country, highlighted how the landscape is not simply a collection of "useful things," but a heritage to be protected and enhanced for collective well-being.

In a historical moment where the rapidity of urban development increasingly jeopardizes the conservation of natural and architectural beauties, it is essential to focus on the intrinsic value that the landscape assumes. For Giuseppina Cutolo, National Councilor of Italia Nostra, Heritage is not only an aesthetic backdrop but represents the very identity synthesis of a territory, the memory of its communities, and the reflection of their relationships with the surrounding environment.

The Italian Constitution, in Article 9, amended in 2022, recognizes the importance of the Landscape, establishing that it assumes the connotations of a fundamental right also to enjoy a healthy and quality environment.

During the meeting, important reflections emerged on the need to promote policies and concrete actions aimed at the protection and enhancement of the landscape. In his speech, Piero Pacchiarotti, president of the International Tour Film Fest, highlights how, also this year, the section aimed at students, organized by Apidge in collaboration with Italia Nostra, will play a central role in the event.

From the active involvement of local communities in territorial planning, through sensitization and environmental education, various tools have been identified to ensure the safeguarding of this precious heritage.

Furthermore, the importance of considering the landscape not as a static element but as a dynamic system in continuous change, influenced by social, economic, and environmental transformations, was emphasized.

The meeting represented a moment of discussion and in-depth analysis on a topic of great relevance and timeliness. Only through a participatory approach will it be possible to preserve the richness and diversity of Italian landscapes for future generations.

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