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Rome: July 12, 2023

This morning Institutional meeting between the President of the Commission - European and international affairs, cooperation between peoples Emanuela Mari, the President of the International Tour Film Fest Piero Pacchiarotti and

Maurizio Aronica, President of FFUN SDG and General Manager of the Cinetour international circuit.

There was talk of internationalization through the development of cinematographic activities and specifically of the international reality that the International tour Film Festival has been representing for Civitavecchia and the entire area north of Rome for 12 years now.

A stage on the world that has given voice to the Iranian protest and which this year will give space to the Ukrainian cultural delegation which is experiencing firsthand a drama already experienced by Civitavecchia 80 years ago and which has changed a large part of it forever of the traditions and history of an entire community.

The parties have highlighted their interest in developing the international festival which takes place in the first cruise port in the Mediterranean and which receives millions of tourists every year attracted by nearby Rome.

The idea is to enhance the event through sustainability, following specific and current themes that, starting from our city, produce induced through advertising for the entire Cinetour circuit which today is made up of about 100 international festivals from 5 continents.

A huge catchment area, ideas, projects to be developed in synergy that will give a more decisive turn to the tourist vocation of the city.

The International Tour Film Festival, which will be held in Civitavecchia from 4 to 8 October, is sponsored by MIC, the Lazio Region, the Rome Lazio Film Commission, the Municipality of Civitavecchia, Enel, Cinetour, Italia Nostra, Apidge, Luca Papa Coach, Cinema Multiplex Royal and Sala Buonarroti.

In the photo: from left Maurizio Aronica, Emanuela Mari and Piero Pacchiarotti

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