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The presentation in Cannes of the 12th edition of the ITFF was a success

The International Tour Film Festival has officially presented its 12th edition, which will take place in Civitavecchia from 4 to 8 October 2023, at the Italian Pavilion at the Majestic Hotel on the occasion of the 76th edition of the Cannes Film Festival

The official promotional video, the 91 works officially in competition and the presidents of the juries of the various sections were presented.

The presentation was curated by President Piero Pacchiarotti and Artistic Director Antonio Flamini who, addressing an audience of Italian and foreign insiders, focused the importance of a festival that embraces the territory of Upper Lazio with the intention of developing its resources, culture and tourism.

On stage, the director Gioia Perpetua explained the sustainable turning point of the festival, co-founder of the international festival circuit called Cinetour which aims at the sustainability of the events thanks to the help by: UNESCO, Foundation for United Nations SDG - FFUN SDG and the Council of Europe.

The director Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo and Andrea Garofalo for Waterclock Production also attended.

On this occasion, the prestigious ITFF Cannes Award, recognition of excellence in the world of cinema, was awarded to Cristina Priarone, President of the Italian Film Commission and Director of the Roma Lazio Film Commission.

That was the moment for a remembrance to Luciano Sovena, President of the Roma Lazio Film Commission who passed away just a few days ago. A second recognition was awarded to Maria Pia Corbelli, President of the Terra di Siena International Film Festival.

In a packed room, we also point out the presence of: the producer Angelo Bassi, the producer Ehlvira Mamytova, the actor Alessandro Fiorucci , in the cast of "Kidnapped", the new film by Marco Bellocchio, the director Emanuela Del Zompo, the actresses Nadia Bengala and Lea Mornar, screenwriter Carmela De Rose; Darwin Reina of the Love & Hope international film festival in Barcelona, Stewen Willbur of The North Film Festival Sweden, Tamia Dow from Las Vegas - USA Award Winning Producer, Director, Actress in Talk Show Host and Edward J. Osredkar, actor in the same show.

The International Tour Film Festival, which will be held in Civitavecchia from 4 to 8 October 2023, is sponsored by MIC, the Lazio Region, the Rome Lazio Film Commission, the Municipality of Civitavecchia, Enel, Italia Nostra, Apidge, Luca Papa Coach, Cinema Multiplex Royal and Sala Buonarroti

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