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Cinema, official meeting for the ITFF at the Lebanese Embassy in Rome

On Monday 13 March the delivery of the International Tour Film Festival 2022 trophy for the APIDGE Competition section – Article 2 of the Italian Constitution was held at the Lebanese Embassy in Rome, won by the short film “Andiamo” directed by Ali Bitar – made by Sarba-Nabatieh School, (Sarba, Lebanon).

The trophy was presented, with an official ceremony, by the President of Apidge Ezio Sina, to the Ambassador of Lebanon H.E. Mira Daher in the presence of the President of the Festival Piero Pacchiarotti, and the manager of Apidge Lazio Gaetano D'Angelo.

Connected in live streaming, the students of the Sarba-Nabatieh School, the Mayor of the Municipality of Sarba, Avv. Elias el Helou, the Director of the Italian Cultural Institute, Ms. Valeria Bianconi, Director of the center "Cultural House of Sarba ”, Ms. Mona Rizk, all the Staff (director Mr. Ali Bitar and screenwriter Mr. Hadi Bitar) and the parents of the students.

H.E. Ambassador Mira Daher recalled the friendship that binds our two countries which is also and above all developed through cultural projects which, like this one, teach the new generations to respect human rights, a fundamental heritage for achieving a world where all peoples can be recognized and respected for their history, culture and translations.

The President of the International Tour Film Festival Piero Pacchiarotti spoke affirming the importance of the "Constitution Project" dedicated to students who are the foundations of the society of the future.

President Apidge Ezio Sina reiterated the importance of Art. 2 of the Italian Constitution which begins with the sentence: The Republic recognizes and guarantees the inviolable rights of man…

Finally, the Apidge Lazio Manager Gaetano D'Angelo read the motivation for the prize awarded which will be delivered to the students who were unable to attend the prize giving in October.

The official ceremony reaffirmed the important role that the International Tour Film Festival has been playing for 12 years in the world of cinema by promoting the city of Civitavecchia, its history, its translations, its culture and its artistic excellence.

In the title photo from left: ITFF President Piero Pacchiarotti, H.E. Ambassador Mira Daher, Apidge President Ezio Sina and Apidge Lazio Manager Gaetano D'Angelo.

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