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on board the MSC WORLD EUROPA


IMMERSIVE CINEMA OVERSEAS is the first VIRTUAL PREMIERE dedicated to the Screening of Meta-Films and Immersive Experiences in Virtual Reality, on board the luxury cruise MSC WORLD EUROPA.


From 4 to 11 of December 2023, our guests will be travelling overseas, from the port of Civitavecchia, passing through Palermo, Malta Valletta, Barcelona, Marseille, to Genoa. 


IMMERSIVE CINEMA OVERSEAS is the First European Film Premiere, not only for filmmakers and film professionals, but it’s born with the aim of immersing cruise passengers, guests and Cinema stars in a magical Virtual Set.


Meta-film projections on extraordinary led-wall screens at the centre of imperious aisles, virtual performances, sensorial experiences and interactive entertainment will open a gateway to the World of New Technologies and a renewed perception of Cinema, as you have never experienced it.






Every guest will be invited to ignite their senses, live META experiences, have fun, and get in touch with the future, far away from the shore.

The festival programme includes five days and a Grand Gala evening, presided over by a technical and artistic commission of excellence, made up of internationally renowned film directors, artists and celebrities. 

Ten works of international scope will be selected. Each day will be dedicated to the screening of a meta-film and living an immersive experience in Virtual Reality.





Furthermore there will be set up a Virtual Set, designed to entertain and leave an immersive memory for all passengers. And an itinerary dedicated to the greatest Cult of the Cinema of the Sea, realised in Augmented Reality. 






IMMERSIVE CINEMA OVERSEAS wishes to create the first major immersive art exhibition on the open sea, a bridge between lovers of video games, cinema and exhibitions. A playground for fans of immersion in new worlds, such as that of New Technologies and a Seventh Art in continuous expansion and renewal.

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