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International Tour Film Fest 2024



Valid for registration to the Thirteenth Edition

of the Festival organized by Civitafilm

The International Tour Film Festival is an international competition open to short films, medium-length films and feature films; the festival is promoted and organized by the CivitaFilm Cultural Association, with organizational headquarters in Via Togliatti n° 12, 00053, Civitavecchia (Rome, ITALY), in collaboration with: Municipality of Civitavecchia, Ca.Ri.Civ Foundation, Lazio Region, MIC , Romalaziofilmcommission and Enel.

The 13th edition of the Festival will take place in multiple stages within the Lazio region and abroad from June to October 2024.


All the finalist works will be screened during the final stage in Civitavecchia from Wednesday 2nd to Sunday 6th October 2024.


The competition will be accompanied by cultural events and programming. Further updates on the stages and the respective programs will be published on the website and disseminated on the festival's social channels.


It is possible to take part in the competition by entering your work in one

of the following sections:


  1. FEATURE FILMS COMPETITION – This competitive section intends to promote a showcase of feature films of Italian and international production. Feature films of any genre made from 2022 onwards with a minimum duration of one hour and a maximum of 105 minutes including credits are admitted.

  2. SHORT AND MEDIUM FILMS COMPETITION – Works of Italian and international production, created from 2022 onwards, are eligible. Short and medium-length films with a maximum duration of 55 minutes including credits belonging to the following categories can take part in the competition:

  • FICTION - The category includes works of any genre: drama, comedy, action, fantasy, horror, adventure, etc. as long as they belong to fiction cinema.

  • ANIMATION - the category includes works of any theme and  animation technique produced.

  • DOCUMENTARY - the category includes works of any theme and technique - as long as they belong to documentary cinema.

  • TOURISM PROMOTIONAL MOVIES - the category is reserved for works that promote tourism in its numerous aspects including: tourist promotion of the country, region or city; sports and adventure tourism; nautical tourism; food and wine tourism; religious tourism; promotion of cultural activities, events and fairs.

Please ensure that the works are correctly registered and uploaded to ONE of the following platforms OF YOUR CHOICE:


Please follow the instructions provided by the platforms for the correct uploading of the works.

The fee for festival registration is as follows for all sections:

  • Early Deadline (29th February 2024): €10 for each short film and/or feature film

  • Final Deadline (30th April 2024): €20 for each short film and/or feature film


In the event of a single submission of multiple works by the production or distribution, payment must be made through the payment methods indicated on the platforms or by bank transfer. In the case of payment by bank transfer, to the IBAN: IT04M0306909606100000148185 at Banca Intesa C/C made out to Civita Film Reason for payment: Registration ITFF 2024  (in the case of registration of multiple works and a higher fee, indicate the number of works registered, for short films a maximum of 2 shorts per single author).


The works must be uploaded in MP4 format files (video resolution 1920x1080, Codec: H264, FPS: 25, maximum file size: 2 GB), along with the completed and signed registration form and the payment receipt by no later than 30th April 2024.


The works must contain English subtitles in order to facilitate the pre-selection process.

If selected, Italian subtitles in .SRT format or embedded in the video and a projection copy of the film in MP4 format will be required. For works in Italian, English subtitles will be required. The participant is solely responsible for the submission of the subtitles; failure to comply will result in exclusion from the competition, even if selected.


Each registered work must include the following documentation: poster and/or scene photos, list of selections in festivals and awards, and the author's biography.

All submitted works, including the selected ones, without the specified requirements will not be admitted, unless a prior agreement with the Artistic Director is reached. Works already submitted to previous editions' calls for entries will not be accepted.

For each registered work, it is mandatory to fill in and sign an online registration form available on the official festival website click here for the direct link.

The work is considered registered once it is published on the website on the "Submitted Works" page, available from the day after the deadline. The participant will be contacted directly by the technical management in case of any issues encountered during the registration process.



Each director can submit multiple works (but only one work for each category reserved for short and medium-length films).

Each production or distribution company can submit multiple works (subject to the constraint mentioned above).



Each production or distribution company can participate with multiple works.

A pre-selection of the submitted works will be carried out by the Artistic Direction of the festival in collaboration with industry experts and international film schools.

The list of finalist works will be made public on the official website of the festival within the Selected Works section and disseminated through social channels.


Juries, composed of authoritative professionals from the film, television, communication, and entertainment sectors, will award the following prizes:

  • Best Fiction

  • Best Animation

  • Best Documentary

  • Best Tourism Promotional Movie

  • Best Feature Film

  • Students' Award

  • Best Soundtrack

  • Critics' Award - Festival Absolute Prize

The Juries reserve the right not to award one or more prizes.

Winning directors will receive accommodation and meals covered exclusively for the awards ceremony.

The finalists of each competitive category, if they wish, have an additional tool to promote their works from this edition onwards. The festival has established a partnership with a major distribution company, Kairós Entertainment, to assist artists in distributing their works nationally and internationally, under favourable conditions for better promotion and valorisation of their artistic works, especially for those who do not have existing contacts.

Festival registration entitles the promotion of the submitted work on local non-profit television broadcasters, in other competitions, and partner festivals. To refuse consent, it is necessary to send a letter to or in paper format to International Tour Film Fest; c/o Pacchiarotti – Civitafilm; Via Togliatti n°12 – 00053 – Civitavecchia (Roma, Italy).

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