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School section: selection among short films having as theme
Article 9 of the Constitution


The Professional Association of Teachers of Legal and Economic Disciplines (APIDGE) invites schools to participate in the special section of the 12th edition of the International Tour Film Festival of Civitavecchia (ITFF) dedicated to Education, Culture and the Environment. ITFF is a founding member of the International Committee of Sustainable Thematic Film Festivals (CINETOUR), open to all member countries of the United Nations, with the support of UNESCO and the Council of Europe.
The central theme of the 2023 edition of the School Section is inspired by the guiding criteria at the base of our Regulation which refer to the new text of Article 9 of the Constitution, openly remodeled in the interest of future generations.
The discovery, protection and enhancement of the immense heritage that surrounds the citizen manages to generate virtuous behavior and social advantage, in an inclusive and democratic perspective.
The intention is to open a stage dedicated to schools on which to present and measure the best teaching practices tested in Civic Education and in the Pathways for transversal skills and guidance in the 2022/2023 school year.
Under the direction of a teacher engaged in particular educational paths, students are asked to communicate ideas and emotions, through videos and short films, to express thoughts and opinions, to inform, to convince, to excite the viewer.
APIDGE works to ensure that the world of education guarantees full knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles underlying the Italian Republic, enhancing the cosmic dimension of the individual in his or her territory. An opportunity to also showcase a whole series of food for thought, in-depth study and innovative educational research consistent with the hopes and expectations of the founding fathers of the Italian Republic. In fact, the School has the task of training the citizen also on the duty to carry out, according to one's possibilities and choices, a function that contributes to the material or spiritual progress of society. The juridical and economic sciences in particular are decisive for identifying an accurate definition of the tasks and roles of the citizen and of the institutions, they contribute in defining the research and study paths useful for the determination of the fundamental freedoms and values of the human person.
APIDGE supports and hopes that in all Italian schools the study of the inalienable rights of the person is ensured, respect for the dignity of man and his freedoms is pursued, the duty to observe the laws is determined, the instruments of protection are verified , the foundations are laid to guarantee the participation of all in common decisions. In this context, the fundamental duties of sustainable development, protection of ecosystems and protected areas, fight against pollution and climate change, protection of animals, correct management of energy resources and waste, active participation in life political, economic and social situation of the country.
Participation in the initiative is extended to all secondary schools, including Italian schools abroad and is also intended to be an opportunity for encounter and dialogue between different educational experiences gained in the teaching of Civic Education and in transversal skills courses and for orientation (PCTO).

The theme of the contest

Interpret Article 9 of the Italian Constitution: students and teachers will have to transform part of their teaching activity into authentic experiences of innovative teaching, social and civic comparison: a "click" that tells how "school is done", even in teaching moments at a distance, having a national and international stage in the background.


Operating modes

Students and teachers are called to create, even in distance learning, particular video dossiers in electronic format (mp4): therefore produce a "video essay" - as the students more confidentially define it - which must be sent by 30 June 2023 to be able to participate in the 12th edition of the International Tour Film Festival of Civitavecchia.
All the works will be cataloged and included in the thematic channel "2023: CITTADINI CONSAPEVOLI E ATTIVI PER IL PAESAGGIO E L’AMBIENTE" of the International Tour Film Festival 2023. The works selected and integrated into the educational program will be presented during final evenings and included in the national program of the Festival and in the most significant events promoted by the APIDGE Association and by the operational partners of the ITFF.


Admission to the competition

Works produced in video in MP4 format are admitted to the competition.
Participants will be able to present films they have also made using smartphones, tablets, video cameras or digital graphics, with a duration of no more than 15 minutes, including opening and closing credits.



Participation is free.

The film must be sent by email (e.g. with Jumbo mail, WeTransfer or similar transfer service) in .mp4 format to with a valid link (Jumbo mail, WeTransfer or similar) and the participation form .




(*) Special notes

All films relating to minors must contain a technical sheet, signed by the teacher, attached to these regulations and must be accompanied by a letter of authorization relating to the processing of data and of the work that is sent, authorizing the International Tour Film Festival and those in charge of the competition “2023: CITTADINI CONSAPEVOLI E ATTIVI PER IL PAESAGGIO E L’AMBIENTE”, to their integration within the program of events and their parallel dissemination. The authorization must have a specific release in the hypothesis of use and publication of the image of the minor. The letter, written in pdf format, must be attached to the online application form.
The jury will be made up of representatives of APIDGE, ITALIA NOSTRA and well-known professionals from the world of cinema and culture.
The prices:

  • Best work overall (Trophy)

  • Second classified work (Targa)

  • Third classified work (Targa)

  • Best Concept (Trophy)

The organization is authorized to carry out partial screenings, for the press or for the promotion of the festival. The calendar and times of the screenings are the exclusive responsibility of the Festival organization, which will take care of the publication of a general catalog of the selected works and a program in the hall.
The works received will be kept in the archive of the CivitaFilm Cultural Association and in that of the "APIDGE" Association and can be used for subsequent non-profit screenings within film clubs or for educational and cultural activities. The organization, while engaging in the care and custody of the works received, does not assume responsibility for any theft or damage that they may suffer.

By registering for the competition, each individual Author or his legal representative declares to be in possession of all rights to his works, is responsible for the relative contents and authorizes the organization of the Festival to process his data, in accordance with the law.
Participation in the Competition implies acceptance of these regulations in all its paragraphs. The Management reserves the right to decide in derogation from this regulation, on the regularity of the registration following unforeseen events. For any controversy, the competent court is without fail that of Civitavecchia (RM).
Project managers:
Piero Pacchiarotti (President of ITFF and CivitaFilm);
Ezio Sina (APIDGE National President).

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