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ITFF wraps up a 2023 full of cultural events in the city and around the world, thanking the many friends who helped out.

Updated: Jan 2

The International Tour Film Festival closes the year 2023 with enthusiasm, extending profound thanks to its supporters for the affection and interest shown during the event. Throughout the year, the festival has shone with an eclectic selection of international cinematic works, embracing the diversity of styles and narratives.

Our super year began immediately in JANUARY at the Campidoglio in Rome with the participation and delivery of ITFF Special at the Antenna d'Oro 2023 and ITFF awards in Bali (Indonesia), an animated cinema for children in collaboration with H Culture.

IN FEBRUARY Spoleto hosted our conference on the environment to present our international competition for schools on the theme of Art. 9 of the Constitution.

MAY saw the first official presentation of our festival in Cannes with the presentation of the Cannes Awards, immediately followed in JUNE by the second on the environment organized in Catania in collaboration with Italia Nostra and the University of Catania.

Then an intense SEPTEMBER, the presentation of the Venice Awards in Venice and the tribute to Zeffirelli just before the 5-day festival in Civitavecchia, in OCTOBER, which saw many Italian and foreign personalities awarded. Finally the last two commitments; at the Rome film festival with the Workshop on new technologies in cinema and a splendid closing in DECEMBER in Korea with the Italian Tour Film Festival in collaboration with H Culture and Ulsan Art Museum.

Looking ahead, the Festival promises to exceed expectations in 2024, with the announcement of compelling surprises and new initiatives designed to enhance cultural and artistic impact. Further details on the festival's activities can be found in the testimonies of directors, actors and enthusiasts who contributed to making 2023 memorable.

The festival, in its ongoing commitment to supporting independent cinema, has played a key role in opening windows into emerging voices and extraordinary stories from around the world. With particular attention to cultural, social and environmental diversity. The Festival has contributed to building bridges between global cinemas, creating fertile ground for understanding and openness towards new perspectives.

In this moment of reflection and gratitude, the Festival reiterates its commitment to being an inclusive and inspiring platform in the world cinema scene. Preparations for 2024 are already underway, with the enthusiasm of offering those who want to follow us an even more engaging and memorable experience.

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